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7/24/2019 2:13:21 AM


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This Day in History - provided by Fact Monster

Provided by Fact Monster
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Your own LEGO selfie!

I built a Lego mosaic of my face and you can too

Lego's mosaic maker turns a picture of your face into a sculpture that will make your friends jealous. Subscribe to CNET: Watch more CNET videos: Follow CNET on Twitter: Follow CNET on Facebook: Foll...

Science is fun!

5 Amazing Water Flow Magic Experiments

We today are going to show you some amazing magical science experiments with water and it's flow. Like me on Facebook: Subscribe:

With amazing accuracy!

In The Know Innovation

Here’s how airplanes airdrop humanitarian aid to those in need in disaster zones ?

50 years ago today!

Celebrating Apollo as We Push Forward to the Moon

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon missions, we prepare to take the next giant leap, with sustainable lunar missions that pave the way for eventual journeys beyond. This video is available for download from NASA's Image and Video Library:

It was a team effort!

The seamstresses who fashioned Apollo's spacesuits

When NASA needed a lunar spacesuit for the Apollo astronauts, they turned to the International Latex Corporation, and a cadre of women who normally sewed latex bras and girdles, to create a softer, more flexible spacesuit. Tracy Smith talked with some of the seamstresses who fashioned protective wea...

What a day that was for everyone!

The Story of Apollo 11 and the First Men on the Moon: the Moon Landing for Kids - Help support more content like this! In July of 1969, humans set foot on the first - and to date, only - celestial body away from their home planet. This is the story of Apollo 11, the mission that took Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the moon and...

NASA will push the boundaries of human exploration forward to the Moon.

Go Forward to the Moon

NASA is going to the Moon and on to Mars, in a measured, sustainable way. Working with U.S. companies and international partners, NASA will push the boundaries of human exploration forward to the Moon. NASA is working to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon within the next decade to unco...

What is your gift?

The 11-Year-Old Math Marvel

At 8, she ranked second among her peers in Singapore at the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad. At 11, she's solving puzzles taught at university, and playing chess blindfolded. But Aarushi is finding out that with such gifts comes the pressure of expectations. Read more about what it takes.....
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The History of Soccer

The rules are simple and have largely stayed the same.

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The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci Sequence is where the next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it.

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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

CVA News

Flag Day

Happy Flag Day!

CVA News

Farm Worker's Day

We appreciate you!

CVA News

Memorial Day

May we never forget...

CVA News

Happy Turtle Day

Happy Turtle Day!

CVA News

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

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